About Us

Practice Advantage is a professional practice development and coaching company. We specialize in designing innovative growth and change strategies for dental practices. We understand the multiple demands of a dental practice can be a challenge to enhancing profitability and maintain superior customer service. Practice Advantage brings together experts in all areas of practice management and operations to help our clients build the practice they want — bringing you from where you are to where you want to be, both professionally and personally.

Barbara Mitchell

Barbara Mitchell brings over 30 years of experience to Practice Advantage where she has immersed herself with gained experience in the field of practice analytics and proven systems to advance dental practices of any size or tenure. Barbara is known for her deep commitment to creating sustainable organizational change for her clients and her extensive knowledge of behavioral change, learning methodologies, communication, coaching and measurement has resulted in Doctors achieving the practice and team they envisioned.

Barb has worked in a variety of roles from Clinical Assistant, Treatment Coordinator, and Office Manager and to Corporate Business Manager which has given her insightful perspective on the day to day operations of a dental office true understanding of the inner workings of a practice. Prior to the inception of Practice Advantage, she created and founded Practice R.E.A.D.Y. where she served dentists nationwide with her extensive talents, competencies and experience keeping her clients on the cutting edge of the dental industry.

Barbara’s coaching experience has involved working with over 300 practices where she has propelled them to reaching their “vision” through her penchant for accentuating the positive and focus on the goal.

Barbara has been actively involved with an entrepreneurial program for several years now and having experienced success through her learning, believes her clients can too! ‘Lead and build your businesses in a balance of vision, purpose and relationships and it is possible to have personal fulfillment and ideal lifestyle’.

Corinne Birrell, RDH

Corinne Birrell, RDH has more than 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry, which is the foundation of her success as a leading Practice Management Coach. Prior to the founding of Practice Advantage, Corinne was a Clinical Systems Coach, Senior Trainer and held corporate positions as the Director of Client Services and Director of Coaching.

Corinne has been able to support both Doctors and their teams to experience practice growth and personal fulfillment. She has supported over 200 practices in Canada and the United States achieve their goals through empowering and motivating individual team members to become extraordinary leaders in all aspects of today’s dental practice. Her experience and enthusiasm has also allowed her to offer support and solutions to the unique challenges that many offices face and to create a focused plan to create the work environment that teams thrive in and ‘want’ to achieve.

Corinne has seen the benefits of the coaching from inside a dental practice. Her extensive knowledge of non-surgical periodontal therapy and clinical coaching make her an outstanding asset to dental teams. Her commitment to learning through continuing education is supported by her hundreds of hours of training in the areas of Adult Education, Team Building, Leadership and Management Development, Communication, Conflict Resolution and Clinical Skills Enhancement.

Corinne is a graduate and holds her diploma in Dental Hygiene program from Seneca College in Toronto and she also served as a member of the faculty at the Toronto College of Dental Hygiene and Auxiliaries as a clinical instructor.