The “C.O.E.” Approach… Comprehensive Office Evaluation

When was the last time your office had a comprehensive office evaluation?

A thorough examination and diagnosis of your practice is an important step in determining the current health of your business, and to determine what your present advantages are as well as the opportunities for growth. Practice evaluations can let you know the true state of your business! Practice Advantage’s team will conduct a full practice assessment and analysis to expose your practice potential and develop a detailed plan to enhance the operations and management of your business.

Your analyst will assess your practice in 3 key areas of your practice:

  1. Practice Culture
  2. Practice Operations
  3. Practice Innovations

Practice Culture will determine the impact your team and your leadership style has on your practice it reaching its full potential.

  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Team Training Programs
  • Office Policies And Systems

Practice Operations will assess and determine what level you are presently functioning against key performance indicators (KPI’s).

  • Productivity and Profitability
  • Practice Efficiency
  • Patient Management
  • Systems Management
  • Team Organizational Meetings
  • Treatment Acceptance

Practice Innovations will identify the gaps, possibilities, opportunities/ your practices strengths, challenges and enhancement strategies

  • Practice Building Enhancement Strategies
  • Practice Statistical Data Collection
  • Marketing