Is Coaching For You?

Questions To Ask Yourself…

  1. Are you satisfied with the new patient growth and patient retention in your practice?
  2. Did you achieve the goals you set for last year?
  3. Are you satisfied with your accounts receivable management?
  4. Is your practice experiencing less than 10% downtime in your restorative and hygiene schedules?
  5. Do you have one full-time hygienist for every 800 active patients?
  6. Are you satisfied with your case acceptance rate?
  7. Is this where you planned to be at this stage in your career?
  8. Are you thinking about your transitional strategy and the marketability of your practice?
  9. Does your team have clear understanding of your periodontal and restorative philosophy?
  10. Do you have clearly defined and written documentation for the business and clinical systems in your practice to support your team?

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